Yeah, perfect weekend! It has been such a long time since I last enjoyed such a ‘hyper bon’ weekend! Before, we spent most of these two days sleeping, then eating and sticking to Ipad; but this weekend was different, we had a lot of activities!

As usual, Saturday morning started with the cries of LO2. It was about 9 and she didn’t want to sleep anymore, of course. Hubby took her in bed and called LO1 to our room. Four of us lying on bed, enjoying our lazy Saturday morning. Well, this was such a peaceful time I had been longed for. Just lying in bed in his embrace, seeing the kids playing happily with each other. Nothing can beat! Saturday morning was filled with jokes and laughters (which was good, cause I was mad with him on Friday!), hugs and kisses, and best of all, good lunch! Whenever hubbies enjoyed the food I cooked, I am very happy!

It was raining, yes, the fall is entering. Anyway, it was good for me and the two LOs because hubby must cancel his football match with friends in the afternoon. He drove us to our friend’s house to make Moon Cake. Happy time with friends. Unfortunately, I overcooked the cake and they do not look as beautiful as expected. How sad! I have no aptitude for baking, any kinds of baking. We went home quite late, and I decided not to cook, so we had fast food instead. It would save me the time for other things, such as allowing LO1 to watch a movie in 30’ before going to bed. She deserved that!

We started Sunday morning as ‘early’ as the day before, cause we were going to a big vide-grenier. This is a kind of flea market, very common in this country! Here, people sells a kinds of things, upper lower gold dust, at very low price. We can even negotiate half price down! We often come here to buy toys for the kids cause it helps to save our budget. One important thing is that many of things are in good conditions. Well, more than expected, we bought quite many good toys for the two LOs. They must be much happy! I also bought a cup with a decoration of a cow milk, which looks super lovely, hah!

He went for the football match in the afternoon, cause it was sunny today, and I did some cleaning. Well, I have become a nearly devoted housewife after two years unemployed. As I said before, I was born princess but ended being a Cinderella. However, if we could spend every weekend off the Internet, staying close to each other this way, I would be very much happy. And no more complaints!


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