My sweet birthday


I used to countdown for my birthday to come years before, even when I were in my mid-twenties. I used to expect surprised gift, surprised things to happen in my birthday. I used to dream a lot…But now when I reach the last year of my twenties, I just take it as any other day, and, surprisingly, I had the sweetest birthday ever!

I woke up to the laughters of my LOs. They came to my bed and we enjoyed few minutes of the morning in bed before hubby go to work. It’s so sweet to be in his arms and see the kids playing around! 

I took the kids to an open air farmer market in the afternoon. I am really interested going to these places but never managed to do before ( as being kind of lazy :P). I bought myself some early-season ranunculus, freshly cut from the garden! I love these flowers very much, but hesitated to buy them because they cost quite lot :D. Then, I decided to buy me a D’Jolly Cake, which I thought would cost me a fortune! But why worry today? It’s my birthday and I can treat myself! So all done, we go home.

I phoned hubby asking him to pick us up. To my surprise, he was already in town, buying flowers and cake for me. Luckily, I phoned him the right time to stop him :)))))) Though I already have flowers for myself, he insisted to buy me some more. Ok, so I have 20 more roses, he said 10 for the last 10 years and 10+ for the upcoming years. Sweet!

Then he drove us to a restaurant so that I don’t have to cook dinner (in my birthday, it’s a treat!). Our favourite restaurant by the sea. Good food, good diner, good view, good accompanies. I can’t ask for more! When we were home, I put the kids to bed and back with my husband to enjoy our cake and watched a movie. Just that, and it filled up my birthday. 

So now I am in the last year of my twenties, and I realised that happiness is just so simple. I am blessed! 


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