I can walk now…

So goodbye my baby walker, I don’t need you anymore! Thank you for helping me 🙂

Mom said, at first, I walked like a zombie…

Then, like a soldier

Now, like a leader, hahaa

I can walk now, and Mom takes me to the park…

to the sea

to kids play area

When she says Go home, I will turn back and try to open the gate…

or I will stop anywhere on the way home to play

Even if she says she will go home alone, I just don’t care. I can walk now!!!


4 thoughts on “I can walk now…

    1. thank you 🙂 For me, I am in between. On the one hand, I wish they would grow up quickly so that I’d have time for my self. On the other hand, well, same as you, wish that they would stay forever cute like this ^^

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