Things on the telly

NguyênMy daughter, Nguyên – 6 years old and a half, has a book about marine life. She enjoys it very much and remembers names of most of creatures in the book. One day, Nguyên asked me whether I liked an “orque” (killer-whale) or not. I said yes because they looked lovely and adorable.

Nguyên: – Oh no Mom, there are killer-whales which are very cruel, you know?

Me: – Really? I thought they are kind, no?

Nguyên: – Why do you think so?

Me: – I remembered they said that on the telly, when I was small!

Pausing for a while, she told me: – Mom, THINGS on the TELLY are not always TRUE!!!


8 thoughts on “Things on the telly

  1. I love that there are still kids who read! I work very often with children and unfortunately our kids getting more and more “digitalized”.. I remember when I was young(er!) I played outside on the street all summer long. With my sister and other kids from my neighborhood. We’d make movies (without any camera or cellphone, just a cardboard box), make cabins, play football, etc etc. And we had to go home as soon as the streetlight go on. I have the most amazing memories of those days. I am afraid a lot of the kids from this generation won’t have such. And because of the increase of computer games and movie watching kids play alone a lot more… 😦

    1. Actually, my two daughters are really fond of watching TV and playing with the ipad. But I narrowly limit the time they play with such things. Ah, my little daughter is no longer allowed to use Ipad, she has a great addition with it. I want my two kids spend more time reading and discovering the real world.

    2. Good for you, the world is just waiting outside to be discovered! I loved using the computer too when we finally had one. I think we all did and that’s why we have knowledge enough to make our own blogs 😉 But I don’t have any good memories from sitting on a chair watching a screen. 😉 I hope when I have kids it would still be possible to raise them (as much as possible) the old fashioned way. Oh I loved when my parents took us walking in the forest with the dog. Discovering nature every season over and over again. Seeing the first mushrooms, the first flowers in bloom..

    3. I can’t agree more with you, Mariska. I see myself spending too much time with the (connected) computer, which lets me know what is going on around the world. Hmm, that’s not very good. But during weekend, I’d prefer taking the kids out and have some fun. I often remind myself not to use the computer or any other high-tech device when the kids are around.

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