Let’s go fly a kite

Kite and Wind Festival in Chatelaillon Plage

We spent our Easter Sunday in the Chatelaillon Plage (about 20km away from we are living) to attend  the Kite and Wind Festival.  It was such a beautiful day. The plage was covered with stunning sunshine while the wind was strong enough to blow the kites. The seaside was brilliantly colored with all kinds of kites. I was taken back to the sweetest memories of my childhood time. So joyful a Sunday Easter!

The view was brilliant!



Some professional players were controlling 4 kites at the same time. They (the kites) were flying so fast, and the lens I am having is not a wide one. That’s why I couldn’t capture all of them, what a pity!


They also demonstrated huge kites.


The kids really enjoyed watching those colorful things flying.



We also had our own kite. My first daughter chose this one and her Papa was helping her to fly the kite. This was her very first time playing with kite. She was so excited (in a while)!


Peaceful time

father and daughter

A lot of people were enjoying family quality time on Chatelaillon Plage that day.



Chatelaillon Plage – A Minimalism Photo


Low tide time


I did not forget to take a selfie.



15 thoughts on “Let’s go fly a kite

  1. That looks wonderful! I love going to the beach.. The kites are a cherry on top! (well, many cherries!)
    The beach photos with my friends were taken at easter too. We wanted to go to Sete where the biggest sail-ships in the world came that weekend.. But there were km’s of traffic jam’s to go there.. 😦 So we had to settle for a beer on a beach without any ships.
    ^^^^This is what we wanted to go see

    1. Oh what a pity that you missed it.

      Here in La Rochelle, there is also a sail-ships festival in September every year. They also complete the festival with a wonderful firework show. However, I’ve never attended any ships festivals, purely thinking that I’d never save up enough money to afford a ship 😀

  2. Phuong-Le, I got a lump in my throat when I saw your family. And these photos of the kites … how wonderful. Thank you for taking these photos so that I could enjoy the beach, which I happen to love. You have a great day today!!! Love, Amy

  3. I love kites and those were beautiful kites. And how wonderful to be able to share the day with your beautiful children. Thanks for sharing

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