My daughter’s art works

This is my daughter’s collection of art works during her last year in the kindergarten. I really admired her teacher who greatly motivated the kids to work. Without her support, I believed my daughter would never have been able to do such wonderful things.

My daughter arrived in France when she was 4 years old. She’d never been abroad before, never seen anyone who spoke any language other than Vietnamese. And of course, she only spoke Vietnamese at that time. It was a difficult start for her at the kindergarten. She understood nothing. She always spoke Vietnamese to her teacher. She couldn’t communicate and she could hardly finish her language tasks during the first few months ( numeric and logic tasks were much better). At the end of the first year in France, she spoke just a little French. The only good thing was that she still enjoyed her time with friends at school and managed to find some “close friends”. Children probably have their own language to communicate.

In the following year, she made amazing progress. She spoke more, learned more, and came home with a lot of new words everyday. She had more friends and intensively participated in classroom as well as outdoor activities. Her teachers said that my daughter changed dramatically, she became a joyful kid and she smiled all the time! I really appreciate her teacher’s support. 


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34 thoughts on “My daughter’s art works

    1. Oh, thank you for your kind words. Well, now I’m kind of lacking of ideas to motivate her ability. I hope I will soon find a suitable drawing class for her.

  1. Vậy là mình đã có thể hiểu thêm về bạn Nhím. Các tác phẩm của Nhím thật vui tươi, đáng yêu và rất nghệ thuật. Thú thực nhiều khi nhìn ảnh Nhím cứ có cảm giác bạn ấy có vẻ chững chạc hơn so với tuổi, hi hi.

    1. Cảm ơn bác Thuỳ nhiều ạ. Bạn ấy ngây thơ lắm bác ơi, nhiều lúc cứ mơ mơ màng màng như trên 9 tầng mấy ấy ạ.

  2. This is one very talented little girl, her artwork is beautiful and her choice of colours way beyond her years, you need to nurture that talent of hers. Thanks so much for the follow, your images are lovely too.

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