2nd visit to Paris

My second visit to Paris was in 2011 (See my 1st visit here), when my father had a business trip to Europe and we came there to catch up with him. It was the first time I came to Paris in winter though. It was so cold and and view of the city was a little bit sad, but no less romantic. I felt more in love with the look of Paris in winter than in summer with a lot more people, hot weather and crazy traffic.

Paris, December, 2011.

It was a raining so hard when I came to the Eiffel tour. But thanks to that, I got a photo with the reflection of the tour!


The city in the winter is no less amazing and romantic.






Have you heard of the Pont des Arts where lovers/couples come to lock their love to the bridge and throw the key into the Seine so that their love will last forever? When I came here in 2011, there were not many locks on the bridge, but now, the bridge is facing the risk of being collapsed due to the heaviness of the love locks. Authority is now calling people to save the bridge by just taking their selfie in front of those locks rather than locking one to the bridge.


Though it was December, the sky is bright and blue.

The Louvre museum


The Tuileries Garden



It was in December so they had a huge Christmas tree in front of the Notre Dame cathedral.


The Montmartre and the Sacré Coeur


My Daddy and I on the Montmartre



9 thoughts on “2nd visit to Paris

  1. Beautiful photos! The charm of Paris in the winter is drinking hot chocolate or a café au lait in a bar or on a heated terrace. In december I locked my heart with my bf’s on the Pont des Arts. So that’s done!
    Christmas time in Paris is magical.

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