Some thoughts on Charlie Hebdo

Over the past few days, people keep talking about Charlie Hebdo and the massacre at their office where 12 were killed. Another 5 were murdered in a siege the other day. This was horrible, such a night mare since the day I’ve been in France. Those were the days of fears and blood for all the Parisiens and French.

To be honest, I don’t like Charlie’s sarcastic pictures about the Muslim Prophet; and I haven’t even heard of them before the attack. However, I respect their voice and their freedom of speech. They stand for press independence and they protect the right to raise their voice. Some people would say that if the CH cartoonist had been less offensive to the Prophet, the tragedy wouldn’t have happened. Well, from my point, while whether the cartoonists were right or (partly or totally) wrong still remained unknown and unproven, what we’ve already known is that the assault is apparently criminal and inhuman. We also should remember that blasphemy has been abolished as a criminal offence in French law since 1881.

I believe that many of their pictures about other figures such as Charles de Gaulle or even Jesus are controversial; but how the readers react to them is totally different and of course, more civilized than what those jihadists have done. I also do believe that what happened is not what their Muslim Prophet wants to see and appreciate. “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it ” is what Voltaire said long long time ago. And it still proves to be valuable for newspapers and journalists nowadays.

My thoughts are with families and friends of the victims, as well as the journalists and especially the ordinary Muslims in Paris, who might confront with a lot of concerns and danger right now.

I’d like to end this post by my 7-year-old daughter’s saying when she came back from school yesterday: “I don’t like guns. We don’t need guns. They are for nothing. We can always sit down and talk.”


2 thoughts on “Some thoughts on Charlie Hebdo

  1. Hello,

    It’s interesting your opinion about the Charlie Hebdo. As for me, what they – the press did is not right. I am with the freedom of speech, but freedom doesn’t mean no respect to other people and other religions. Of course they don’t deserve to die, just because of that, but they are not deserve to be idolised as the one who sacrifices for the freedom of speech.

    I am not with terrorism, not with Charlie Hebdo either. And I personally think that people are brain washed by the media. Look at the “Je suis Charlie”, some people don’t even read the CH and call themselves CH and think that they act for freedom of speech. Désolée mais je suis pas Charlie, je respecte les autres. How about other journalists, the one that sacrifices their lives to go to Africa, Iraq, Palestine,..?

    That is just my personal thought to share. Have a nice day!

    Peace and Love!

  2. Thank you for reading and sharing your thought.

    I see your points, but I’m afraid that I can hardly agree to some extent.

    First, we should keep in mind that C.H is a satirical magazine and they make fun of everything equally, or as they say everything is “equally offended”. So the term “respect” here is hard to define. If they don’t do what they do, there’d be nothing to differentiate C.H from any other magazines in the world.

    Second, France is a nomocracy country, not a theocracy country. People live and work in France with respects to the rules of law. As I mentioned above, blasphemy was abolished from French press law long time ago, which means that there’s no reason to say that C.H’s mocking of the Prophet is not right. They didn’t violate French law!

    C.H journalists are Atheist, they have no God for themselves, and they have the right to point out things they’ve found inhuman. You know, long ago in history, people fought for the abolishment of inhuman rules in Christian religion, and what we have today in our society (I mean in France) is thanks to their sacrifices. We need different voices, we need people who dare to speak up their voice, we need better changes for a better world without any inhuman religion rules! Of course, how they do it is a matter of their choices, and you might or might not agree with them.

    Lastly, I believe that not all people who say “Je suis Charlie” like C.H’s mocking pictures, but I’m completely sure that they stand by C.H in this difficult time, and not only for C.H but for all other journalists to keep on fighting against the jihadists. I’m one among these people.

    “How about other journalists, the one that sacrifices their lives to go to Africa, Iraq, Palestine,..?”. People have never ever disregarded the contributions of these journalists. Whether participating in a fight against inhuman things within France or outside France or anywhere else in the world, is worth respecting and being recognised!

    Just my two cents. Happy blogging!

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