Weekend 2

Instead of doing things as planned, I spent the weekend uselessly.

On Saturday, we went to the supermarket and came home with tons of things. After lunch, Nguyen and I hurried to the library and borrowed some books. I’m glad that we did, because I could finally find some good books by Mo Willems, Oliver Jeffers and especially by Jimmy Liao, which I had to reserve. Nguyen also took some books about animals for herself.

It was a beautiful afternoon so we decided to go out for a walk, which we haven’t done for such a long time due to bad weather. It had kept raining from days to days.

So we were out for more than an hour. Khanh was running like crazy. She missed the sun, the air and the grass, I could understand. Nguyen and I were exhausted chasing the kid. My mother kept asking why Khanh had so much energy. Oh, I thought, that’s typical of Khanh to do that!

My husband went home late because he joined his Go club, which means, perhaps, from now on, we will not have Saturday dinner together. It doesn’t really matter, anyway.

I spent the night discovering the books with the kids. Nguyen enjoyed the books she borrowed. Khanh loved the books by Mo Willems, namely There’s a bird on your head, and That’s not a good idea. She kept laughing out loud and asking me to read them again and again. As for me, I ended my day reading “When the moon forgot” in bed. Such a good book! How I love the romantic and affectionate spirit of the story.

I, then, got up quite late on Sunday morning. We went to vide-grenier, a French-style flea market. I actually didn’t want to go, I think it was a waste of time; just because the kids insisted and I knew my mother would love to. In the afternoon, I made some chocolate cookies, which were soooo good, given the fact that it was my first try! And we read the books again and again.

So that was my weekend. I did nothing useful. I am hopeless. My faults!




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