Happy 7th Birthday!

On the train


You are turning 7 today.
We love you to the moon and back, you know?!
Keep your smile on your face always, we wish.
And enjoy every single day.


Fête de Mères

Today is French Mother’s Day, and I received this from my beloved daughter, the bigger one, of course, the smaller one has no idea what it is all about.

This picture is not a big surprise to me, cause she always draws me a picture on any special occasion. For this time, she asked me what I liked and I said “flowers”, and she came up with this. I love the way she can DRAW all her thoughts out. Mommy, her little sister and her in the middle of the heart. Where is Daddy, I asked and she said he was at work (lol). A cat on the top of the heart because she always loves cat and I promised to find her one when she got 10. Flowers are all around because I love flowers and love taking photograph of flowers (she knows that because I always take her out with me).

I am the happiest mother in the world.

 Bonne Fête Maman


Mother's Day

My daughter’s art works

This is my daughter’s collection of art works during her last year in the kindergarten. I really admired her teacher who greatly motivated the kids to work. Without her support, I believed my daughter would never have been able to do such wonderful things.

My daughter arrived in France when she was 4 years old. She’d never been abroad before, never seen anyone who spoke any language other than Vietnamese. And of course, she only spoke Vietnamese at that time. It was a difficult start for her at the kindergarten. She understood nothing. She always spoke Vietnamese to her teacher. She couldn’t communicate and she could hardly finish her language tasks during the first few months ( numeric and logic tasks were much better). At the end of the first year in France, she spoke just a little French. The only good thing was that she still enjoyed her time with friends at school and managed to find some “close friends”. Children probably have their own language to communicate.

In the following year, she made amazing progress. She spoke more, learned more, and came home with a lot of new words everyday. She had more friends and intensively participated in classroom as well as outdoor activities. Her teachers said that my daughter changed dramatically, she became a joyful kid and she smiled all the time! I really appreciate her teacher’s support. 


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Things on the telly

NguyênMy daughter, Nguyên – 6 years old and a half, has a book about marine life. She enjoys it very much and remembers names of most of creatures in the book. One day, Nguyên asked me whether I liked an “orque” (killer-whale) or not. I said yes because they looked lovely and adorable.

Nguyên: – Oh no Mom, there are killer-whales which are very cruel, you know?

Me: – Really? I thought they are kind, no?

Nguyên: – Why do you think so?

Me: – I remembered they said that on the telly, when I was small!

Pausing for a while, she told me: – Mom, THINGS on the TELLY are not always TRUE!!!

Her first writing

Nguyen is having her winter break, and thus, she has too much time to enjoy herself at home. Her little sister, Khanh, goes to the nursery school this morning so Nguyen can freely use water colours to paint. Anyway, without Khanh, the house is certainly in real “peace” and two of us do “treasure” such moments.

So, we both worked in peace and silence…

Suddenly, Nguyen asked me: “Mom, how can I write arc-en-ciel?”*

Oh, NOOOOO, I was thinking, please don’t disturb me, please, I am working, I am trying to focus…blah blah blah. So I ended up saying “I don’t know. Try to find it in your books!”. What a monster mother I was!

I didn’t know how she made it, but a few minutes later, she knocked knocked on my back and gave me this picture. My sweetheart, she melt my heart. She is so sweet! She drew this picture for me, and I was so cold to her, not even stopped for a while for her. I am sorry, sweetheart!

Yes, a rainbow for Mom. Thank you, darling.

* Nguyen is in her CP and she is learning to read and write. This is her very first writing without model. She wanted to write “arc-en-ciel” (rainbow) but I didn’t help her, so she came up with something like above.

My sweet birthday


I used to countdown for my birthday to come years before, even when I were in my mid-twenties. I used to expect surprised gift, surprised things to happen in my birthday. I used to dream a lot…But now when I reach the last year of my twenties, I just take it as any other day, and, surprisingly, I had the sweetest birthday ever!

I woke up to the laughters of my LOs. They came to my bed and we enjoyed few minutes of the morning in bed before hubby go to work. It’s so sweet to be in his arms and see the kids playing around! 

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Yeah, perfect weekend! It has been such a long time since I last enjoyed such a ‘hyper bon’ weekend! Before, we spent most of these two days sleeping, then eating and sticking to Ipad; but this weekend was different, we had a lot of activities!

As usual, Saturday morning started with the cries of LO2. It was about 9 and she didn’t want to sleep anymore, of course. Hubby took her in bed and called LO1 to our room. Four of us lying on bed, enjoying our lazy Saturday morning. Well, this was such a peaceful time I had been longed for. Just lying in bed in his embrace, seeing the kids playing happily with each other. Nothing can beat! Saturday morning was filled with jokes and laughters (which was good, cause I was mad with him on Friday!), hugs and kisses, and best of all, good lunch! Whenever hubbies enjoyed the food I cooked, I am very happy!

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