It was an unplanned but very exciting day trip!

I was woken up early in the morning with a phone call from my friend. She told me to hurry up if I wanted to join the trip to Maastricht with her. She’d be seeing me at the train station in another hour!

OMG, I was thinking. I’d never to refuse to any outing offer from her, one of my best friends in Leuven; not to mention that back in that time, I was all on my own, being lonely and so so far away from my hubby and my little girl. But I had never ever gone out without any preparation; which clothes to wear, camera battery to be charged, trip plan, etc…Besides, she gave me only one hour to wake up, take a shower, have a light breakfast (I never want to skip it) and take a bus to the train station!!! She was so cruel to me, she should have told me earlier!

Anyway I managed to get there just in time and off to Maastricht, we went!

From Leuven we headed to Liege and changed our train here.

Liege railway station

It looks like a modern railway station, but be careful. One of us lost his backpack here.

Liege railway station

Maastricht Downtown

It is somehow like any other city in Belgium, with a grand place in the city centre and a lot of coffee shops around.

Maastricht Downtown

Inside the church of Saint John, I found this lavender pot, with great lighting, I could hardly resist.


We climbed up to the church tower, and the view was rewarding.



Leaving the centre, we went to the Meuse river, got on a boat to Sint-Pietersberg, a nature reserve south of the city.





On our way to the hill, the view is very pleasing to me. I’d never had a chance to see wheatfields before.

Heading the cave

Heading the cave

We went exploring the Caves, which are man made caverns, built in 1701 by the monks who inhaited in the monastery located on the Sint-Pietersberg hill.

Heading the cave

Flowers on the hill; there were a lot of roses.

On the plateau

And me, back at that time, was very much younger.

On the plateau

With my BFFs

Friends Forever

Where we waited for the boat to go back, a very peaceful view.

By the river