Fête de Mères

Today is French Mother’s Day, and I received this from my beloved daughter, the bigger one, of course, the smaller one has no idea what it is all about.

This picture is not a big surprise to me, cause she always draws me a picture on any special occasion. For this time, she asked me what I liked and I said “flowers”, and she came up with this. I love the way she can DRAW all her thoughts out. Mommy, her little sister and her in the middle of the heart. Where is Daddy, I asked and she said he was at work (lol). A cat on the top of the heart because she always loves cat and I promised to find her one when she got 10. Flowers are all around because I love flowers and love taking photograph of flowers (she knows that because I always take her out with me).

I am the happiest mother in the world.

 Bonne Fête Maman


Mother's Day


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